What’s Nearby

Yarner Wood

Yarner Wood, part of East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve is described as one of the best remaining examples of ancient oak woodland in Devon and Europe

The Templer Way

The Templer Way is a walk of 18 miles tracing the historic line of granite being taken from the quarries at Haytor to the docks at Teignmouth. Accessible right from Yarner’s front door, this is a walk not to be missed.

Haytor Rocks

A historic granite tor with stunning views overlooking East Devon, just minutes drive from Yarner.

Becky Falls

This iconic Dartmoor landmark boasts stunning waterfalls, kids attractions and family filled fun day out adventures.


On the banks of the River Dart, is one of the best picnic spots on Dartmoor, with ample opportunity to enjoy wild swimming and afternoon walks.

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