Exciting new guests here at Yarner House

June 19, 2018

Exciting new guests here at Yarner House

A different type of guest at Yarner House

We hosted one of the most fantastic wedding’s here at the beginning of this month, welcoming some new and exciting themes, styles and even guests. The lovely Sam and Alexandra had a traditional Austrian themed wedding here at Yarner, something we have never had before and we loved it.

Sam and Alexandra wedding invite

The sound of accordions filled the Scandinavian Hall as beautiful bridesmaids dressed in lederhosen walked down the isle to greet Sam in his dusty pink suit and Alexandra in her hand made Austrian traditional dress.

To add to to the eclectic and beautiful decor, day and vibe, Alex and Sam brought in two very stylishly dressed alpacas to wedding. The alpacas were so wonderfully incorporated into the day and we felt very honoured to have such smart, well accessorised and  guests at Yarner. What a joy they were.

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Yarner is the fact we allow and actively encourage people to build their own bespoke dream wedding, so that the day really is YOUR day. Unlike corporate wedding venues that have strict rules, we have a different and more inclusive policy, we love originality, creativity and ALPACAS.

Thanks Sam and Alex for a wonderful day.